Stranger Danger Japanese spitz

We decided to seek Wee Boon’s help as our dog has behavioural issues such as dog-dog aggression & human aggression. During the training sessions, we noted that Wee Boon is a patient trainer who truly love dogs & clearly know how to handle them. He taught us how to observe our dog’s reaction towards various situations & ways to handle our dog for each of the situation. We love that Wee Boon uses force-free method to train our dog instead of intimidation. Within a short span of time, our dog has improved by leaps & bounds! We are also grateful to Wee Boon for being ever ready to answer our many questions despite it was during time outside of the training sessions. We know that we (& our dog) are in good hands with Wee Boon’s guidance. Thanks, Wee Boon!


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