Singapore special are truly the special breed

I recently adopted Izzy, a gorgeous Singapore Special pup. Not a lot was known about her upbringing, apart from her being found on a construction site on her own. From the day she arrived at mine, it was clear to me she’s a pretty special pup. Very sweet in nature, and always wanting to please. With me, she’s calm but even from our very first outing, she exhibited very nervous tendencies, around other people, dogs and noises. Unfortunately, her nervousness manifested itself in some very loud barking for a slight little pup! And by the reaction of strangers, she seemed to scare them and other dogs away. She was just very unsure of new surroundings even with me by her side.
I’ve never had a puppy myself, so prior to Izzy’s adoption, I had researched what training options might be available for a pup in Singapore. I specifically wanted someone who had experience working and caring for a pup who’s behaviours would require patience and love. This led me to contact the Positive Academy. Wee Boon was helpful, and thoughtful in his responses to my many many questions, he provided advice before even meeting myself or Izzy. Once Izzy arrived, Wee Boon came to visit and meet us both. I was heartened by his clear dedication to his pupil’s welfare!
Izzy started attending the Positive Academy the very next day. Feedback from Wee Boon and footage showed her warming up to other dogs. Now she can’t spend enough time learning and playing with her best friend, Smore!  Her confidence grows every day. When out on walks, Izzy is much more comfortable with other dogs, she still has a bit of work to do with interacting with people but I see improvement everyday and she’s able to learn at her own pace, all in a positive and nurturing environment. One of the other issues Wee Boon helped Izzy with was her toilet training. I live in an apartment and was very keen for her to be trained to go outdoors rather than in the house and all over my rugs! I had many an interrupted nights’ sleep initially but it wasn’t too long before I’d stopped pulling my hair out and Wee Boon had trained Izzy to do her business outdoors! Hurrah!
On a personal note, Wee Boon goes above and beyond what a puppy teacher needs to. I was a very nervous first-time adopter and he answered all my questions and concerns, always a call or message away to allay my worries! It’s very heartening for me to know, that Izzy has an entire team looking after her, all working together to give her the best possible start to life.

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