Learning can be force free, even for the most mouthy puppy

At 4-5 months old, Benji started “biting” and I didn’t know if it was an aggression problem or if it was just him teething. Naturally this biting became an issue because my parents wanted to beat him as they said that it was how you train a dog (from their generation) so that it would solve the problem. Obviously I didn’t like that idea, so I went around looking for a trainer that could help me solve this problem and correct him.


When I first got in touch with Wee Boon about the problem that I was having with Benji, he took the time to explain to me what he has to offer but at the same time, he didn’t try to hard sell his Puppy Obedience Program. So I only took up one consultation session with him to address the issue that I was having.


On the consultation session, Wee Boon addressed that the biting issue was because he was teething and taught me how to react to Benji when he starts mouthing. But what really amazes me is when Wee Boon came to my place and interacted with Benji for the first time, I could tell that he is a true dog lover and I think that Benji could feel it too because he was just so comfortable around Wee Boon. Not only did Wee Boon address my issue, he also took the time to teach Benji “sit”. And because of how well Benji responded to Wee Boon’s training, I decided to go on with the Puppy Obedience Program.


During Puppy Obedience Program, Benji and I learnt so much from Wee Boon through the positive reinforcement training method. Although sometimes it might take a little longer for Benji to get it, such as for him to wait but I find that this training method is stress free and makes Benji want to continue training no matter how hard it is for him. And throughout the whole program, Wee Boon is always patient with us and tries his best to make sure we understand what was being taught.


Even now when Benji has graduated, I still continue to train him daily, but whenever I’m unsure of anything, I can always contact Wee Boon and without hesitation, he would help rectify or correct any training steps if I have missed out or done wrong. Wee Boon is never selfish in imparting knowledge that he has.


I am very happy that Benji has such a good teacher and with this whole program that Benji and I are going to sign up for more classes.


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