Chow’s love education

Save for some minor issues, we were having a really good time with Buckwheat – we could go on hour-long walks, meet any dogs, and was making progress with him walking loosely on the leash. Everything changed after we took him back from boarding. He started growling at other dogs and would go into a frenzy, jumping and biting us, after pooping. 

We were at a loss and decided to contact Wee Boon because of his focus on positive, force-free training methods (we weren’t prepared to accept anything else). Wee Boon proved that this was one of the best decisions that we’ve made for Buckwheat. We first engaged Wee Boon under his Behaviour Modification Programme which offers a tailored training plan for dogs exhibiting undesirable behaviours. He came to our place, assessed Buckwheat, and provided us with a step-by-step training plan to manage his behaviour. After this visit, he continued to check in with us on Buckwheat’s progress regularly and continued to give us guidance on how to resolve our issues. 
To help with Buckwheat’s dog-dog issues, he suggested for Buckwheat to go to his day school, The Positive Academy. Having being kicked out of another daycare before, we were really grateful to Wee Boon for accepting Buckwheat despite his issues and genuinely wanting to resolve them. 
What we really appreciated was his sincerity, optimism, patience, and determination. If this training method doesn’t work for Buckwheat (e.g. not food motivated), he’ll come up with another until he finds the right one. He’ll also re-enact scenarios where Buckwheat would display certain behaviours, so as to best help resolve the issues, even if this means getting nipped by Buckwheat. Wee Boon is also very responsive to our messages and ready to help. 
We can’t say thank you enough. Even though Buckwheat still has some way to go, we have seen significant improvements in his behaviour and know how to manage and teach him. We have gone from despair to being hopeful. The best part of all these is that Buckwheat is now able to enjoy his favourite activities – playing with other dogs and going on longer walks :’)

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