A fresh new start for an abused puppy

My dog, Liska, was six and a half months old when she became a part of my family. I adopted her from SPCA and she had a terrible childhood where she was frequently abused. She was not potty trained and had a few behavioral issues that needed to be worked on. After the first few weeks, I was unsuccessful with my own sourced methods of training and decided to engage a professional.


There were many different trainers out there whom were recommended to me. I decided to engage Wee Boon after talking to him as he was very detailed and informative on the force free method and his training plans. I wanted to be able to help Liska overcome her memories of abuse and am a firm believer in not using force for any form of training.


As a trainer, Wee Boon is quick and adaptable which proved to be very useful for us as certain methods were not working on Liska. He was always able to innovate solutions for us to try out and work around the various issues till they proved successful. Through his force free training methods, Wee Boon taught me to understand Liska’s behavior much better so that I can manipulate situations and the environment for her in order to ensure suitable responses. Thank you for taking on the challenges we brought and never giving up!


Besides training, what I appreciate most is how Wee Boon demonstrates a high level of thoughtfulness for all dogs. He is always observant towards the smaller details and shows great love and care for all the dogs who go to him. I would definitely recommend friends to him as I know their pets will be well taken care of.


Our experience with The Positive Academy has been nothing short of wonderful and we are very grateful for all that Wee Boon has taught us and in helping to ease Liska’s transition to a new home and family. The Positive Academy is an excellent leader in teaching us that with careful thought, patience and a little bit of science, training your dogs is a process that should always be humane and one that you will enjoy as you connect and grow with your dog.


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