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When I’ve gotten scarlet, she has been having trouble knowing her rules and regulations in the house. Her first few weeks were disastrous. Pee and defecation were everywhere. Totally ill-discipline and bad behavior begin to develop. I had little choice and was even considering re-adoption for this cute little PWC. Before giving up, I thought of giving up, I decided to seek for a trainer’s help.

Browsing through the websites can be daunting but nevertheless, reading many testimonials from dog owners, I’d decided to stick to the path of positive training. I seek for the help from Positive academy and Wee boon (trainer) promptly replied.

His very help with the lessons and consistently assist when prompted with questions. He tends to spot the little gestures and actions before the dog actually develops into a behavioral problem. Thanks to him, Scarlet improved over time, and even gradually learnt her toilet training.

Thoughts of owning an ideal pet begins to develop with the help of his, and continued seeking his help to slowly develop tricks and good behaviors for Scarlet. He enthusiastically continues to help, showing great passion for pets, as well as the development of relation between owner and pets.

I would say that Scarlet and I is very fortunate to meet a trainer, and a friend like Wee Boon. In the process, I found ways to monitor my little corgi, as well as watching out for behavioral changes in the process. Wee boon not only imparted his knowledge as a trainer, as well as knowledge of actual dog handling. He often organizes pet outings for dogs to socialize. It’s really an eye opening to understand their playing behavior.

Perhaps the only down side of having a personal dog trainer, would be the lack of attention to details when the trainer is gone. Sometimes owners feel frustrated due to certain actions that happen spontaneously, it is such time that the trainer will really step up to help the pet owners. As the steps to deal with certain behavioral are different (barking at nothing, towards a corridor), it is hard for a trainer to actually devise a solution to stop a certain barking due to his missing presence.

I seriously recommend to pet owners who are having trouble with handling a dog, as well as understanding a dog’s behavior. Pet owner’s whom are on the verge of giving up, don’t fret. Try giving Wee boon a call and give yourself and your dog, a second chance. It’s worth it.


Thank you Wee Boon.



Ryan Ong


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