Superman’s Story

An estranged prince

Once a prince in his palace, with a personal helper, a chauffeur that brings him around, and weekly training session with our Trainer from the Academy, he’s living the dream of most. He had almost everything in his life; weekly spa session, best possible food available, huge space to roam and weekly training session to earn some joy in life. He had the most loving parents who would shower with gifts, trips to our Kindergarten, and dozen of treats from all around the world. He thought he had it all, only to have it all removed in a day.

Name: Superman

D.O.B : 13th November 2015

Gender: Male/Unsterilised 

The presence of prince charming – superman, bestowed fun and joy on our humble flat.

Naturally the Academy took him in the moment we heard of his plight. He’s one of our sweetest student, always bubbly, affectionate and attentive during class. He had his issues with his toilet training, but nothing can’t be sorted out with proper guidance. Now, he can potty both indoor and outdoor with no mistakes. A true dog with the sweetest character, giving in when needed, playing his hearts out when allowed. He’s so good with dogs, the Academy often used him as our assessment dog and play mentor for our new puppies or help rehabilitate dogs with play issues.

Living the true dog life with the Academy

Having lived the life of a prince for so long, it’s time for him to be a dog. Walking up to 4 times a day, weekly excursion to parks and nature trail in each part of singapore, daily training sessions, and every other day visit to the kindergarten, he’s living the epitome of a dog life. Our handling principle entails no force, fear, intimidation and punishment in his daily life, allowing to flourish in the best possible manner a dog should. We also had a canine nutrition enthusiast crafted out a well balanced diet, sent him in for a full blood works and body check up to ensure he’s healthy, we dare say he’s at his optimal shape now.

He’s now ready for adoption and we’re looking for the perfect family who could maintain or provide for no less than what the Academy is providing for. You might ask why don’t we keep him? It’s because he deserved a place where he could get the fullest attention and love that he entitled to. And we believe he will be a true blessing to any family who would appreciate the company of such lovely, and sweet dog. If you think you’re the one for him, please fill in the adoption interview form at the bottom. If he’s the one for you, we will contact you once we have gone through the forms.


Click here for the interview form

Huge shoutout to Michiez Chua Petography for the awesome photoshoot for Superman



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