Small Group Outing

Welcome to The Positive Academy’s Small Group Outing, where we provide personalized and safe outings for small groups of dogs! Our program is designed to give your furry friend a fun and stimulating experience, while also improving their obedience and building their confidence.

Our small group outings consist of up to four dogs per outing, which ensures that each dog receives personalized attention and care from our experienced trainer. We use positive reinforcement training methods to help your furry friend learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment. Our trainer will work with each dog to generalize their obedience skills, improve their focus and attention, and build their confidence through positive reinforcement and gentle guidance.

At The Positive Academy, we believe that every dog deserves the opportunity to explore and have fun, while also receiving training that will benefit their behavior and overall well-being. Our program is the perfect fit for dogs who enjoy socializing with other dogs, while also improving their obedience and behavior in a fun and stimulating environment.

Our small group outings are carefully designed to provide your furry friend with the ultimate experience. Whether we’re exploring new trails, visiting the beach, or simply enjoying a relaxing walk in the park, we’ll ensure that your furry friend is safe, happy, and having the time of their life.

Join us at The Positive Academy and experience the joy of watching your furry friend explore, socialize, and grow in a supportive and positive environment. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend!

Contact me at 96513063 and provide the following information
1. Your dog’s breed and age
2. What are your agenda of attending the outings?
3. What are you hoping that i can help through the outing
4. Have he had any training before? If yes, who is the trainer
5. Arrange for an individual assessment(300SGD) for your dog

Contact me to be included in the broadcast list on whatsApp
Respond to the broadcast with the following information

1. What events and timing you’re attending
2. Are the dogs allowed to get dirty and/or wet?
3. Make full payment after receiving confirmation from me

Am i able to choose the locations of the outings?

No, you’re not able to. As the outing caters to a group of dogs, it would not be feasible for me to accommodate to everyone’s preferences. However, you should specify if your dog doesn’t like any specific locations as i’d hate to bring the dog to somewhere, only to realize that he hated the spot and that defeats the sole purpose of bringing him out.

Do you clean up the dogs after the outings?

As i do not have a physical shopfront, i do not have any means to provide a proper clean up service for the dogs. I will be able to wash down the dogs, and shampoo them if required but drying them up is no longer an option. If cleanliness is an issue, please indicate to me that no wet weather/dirty outing is allowed and i’ll ensure you have a clean dog.

Is this outing suitable for fearful and reactive dogs?

Yes, and No. It’s down to the individual dog. Some fearful dogs flourish in our outdoor programs, while others struggled to keep up. The best way to assess this is to speak to me, and if you’re a new client, do arrange a private assessment for me to determine which program is best suitable for your dog.

My dog hasn’t had any training done. Does this program trains up my dog for me?

No. This outing is not suitable for dogs without any form of training, and you having a training goal. While i actively reward and reinforce behaviors, it is not a good way to build up new behaviors. I highly recommend you attending a private outing or a private class if you have some form of training goals. This outing is suitable for dogs with understanding of basic obedience. My job for this outing is to ensure they get to practice, improve and maintain on their good behaviors while having great fun.

What updates will i receive from this outing?

I will be wearing a go-pro and the full unedited footage will be uploaded and sent to all attendees of the outing. I will also be taking short videos or photos whenever it’s safe to do so. Their safety is my main concern, as such taking photos or videos is the least of my concern. Updates will happen at the end of the day, not during the outing.