Puppy Kindergarten

Puppy Kindergarten

Socialization is of utmost importance as it can determine a dog’s future behaviorally and socially. The period from birth to roughly about 12 – 16 weeks for puppies is an important and sensitive time, and is when socialization can make the greatest impact.

In order for puppies to learn how to interact appropriately with other dogs, they need to be given the opportunity to play with other puppies of similar age and size in a safe way. This can be challenging for most owners!

Puppies also need to be exposed to things they may see, hear or experience in everyday life, like vacuum cleaners, having their nails clipped, and other potentially scary things, in a positive way so they grow up not fearing them.

This is where we come in – our Puppy Development Camp will provide a safe, supervised environment with a well-structured curriculum customized to each individual puppy. Your puppy will enjoy safe play groups, be exposed to various everyday things and learn some basic manners.

Our classroom has ample of space for puppies to romp around, which is a much-needed requirement especially for the shy little ones. Here they will learn to build appropriate interaction skills, work their brain with our interactive toys, and build essential obedience commands. We will also work on their potty training and in cultivating a plethora of other positive behaviors. Your puppy will be supervised by our trainer and his handlers, playing and learning alongside other puppies.

In understanding that your puppy is learning every waking minute of his day, Puppy Development Camp provides the perfect learning opportunity while you are at work, ensuring that socialization is maximized during this sensitive early period of your puppy’s life. Your puppy will learn the skills he needs to grow into a well-mannered dog in everyday situations.

Who should sign up for our puppy kindergarten

  • First time owners who need help with training and socialization
  • Owners who are busy with work and want a structured, established training routine for their puppies
  • Owners with fearful or shy puppies
  • Puppies that are penned up for a long duration
  • Hyperactive puppies
  • Owners who are into dog sports

What your puppy will learn

  • Proper doggy play & interactions
  • How to be calm
  • Confidence building
  • Understand rules and boundaries
  • Impulse control
  • Toilet training
  • How to mouth softly during play

Planned activities

  • Supervised play
  • Outdoor walk and socialization
  • Basic Obedience training
  • Body awareness training
  • How not to jump up on people
  • Socialization to different everyday things – indoors and outdoors
  • Learning to have things taken away from them
  • Managing surprises
  • Learning to handle alone time
  • Grooming and handling training – (with transfer class)
  • Sound Conditioning program
  • IQ toys
  • Nap time

How to get started

Book a private consultation with our trainer

Arrange a private consultation with our resident trainer to allow us to better understand your training objectives. This will allow the trainer to customize training to your individual needs. We will propose the best optimal solutions to your problems or needs.


An initial assessment of your dog will be conducted to find out more about your dog’s behaviors and whether our day school is suitable for your dog. Where day school is not appropriate, alternative options will be recommended.

Placement test

A placement test will be conducted to find out which group is most suitable for your dog in order to ensure optimal learning experience. This is to ensure that your dog will not be overly stressed in our facility and will settle well into our training program.

1st day in school

As it sometimes might take a little while for the dog to settle, we will take an entire day to assess the suitability of your dog in our day school. Should the dog be overwhelmed by the environment or by your absence, we will then suggest a shorter day school or other feasible training plans to better help them settle. As for transportation, you can opt to drop off the dog or choose to use our preferred transport vendor.

1st month in school

In order for us to execute what’s intended for all dogs, all dogs will be assessed after their first month for their school performance. In all fairness, should we feel that your dog poses a challenge to the class’s performance, we reserve all rights to move your dog to a more suitable class at our preferred time.

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