Day Training/ Private Class


Puppyhood is a lovely time, full of promise and joyful energy. It is also a time of great learning and a need for an active journey of discovery and education, if a puppy is to grow and develop into a well-adjusted dog.

We understand some owners are busy with various life commitments and are unable to commit fully to the puppy. Thus, Day Training is exactly what you will need. Our trainer will arrive at your house on a regular basis to train, enrich and educate your puppy.

Who should take it up

  1. Owners who cannot train the dogs on a regular basis
  2. First time owners
  3. Shy or fearful puppies who are not suitable for group class
  4. Aggressive puppies when it comes to strangers, food context


  • Recall (come when called)
  • Leave it
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Eye Contact
  • Loose leash walking
  • Heeling
  • Go to mat
  • Wait

Life skills

  • Impulse control
  • Active attention
  • Controlling over excitement
  • Human greetings
  • Dog to dog greetings
  • How to use life reward
  • Understanding barking
  • Independence training
  • Grooming, Handling and Restraint
  • Resource guarding prevention (like things being taken away from them)
  • How to target fear
  • Understanding what’s play and bullying
  • Understanding canine body language
  • Play biting
  • Counter surfing prevention
  • Anti-jumping
  • Chewing

What you’ll be provided with

  1. Handouts for easy referencing
  2. Report cards available
  3. Transfer class to transfer skills the puppy learnt to the owner