Cooperative Veterinary Care

Transform Your Canine Bond with our Cooperative Husbandry Course

Discover a revolutionary approach to dog care with our comprehensive Cooperative Husbandry Course. Designed to deepen your bond with your furry companion while enhancing their well-being, this course offers you the tools and techniques to create a harmonious and nurturing relationship with your beloved pet.

What is Cooperative Handling?

Cooperative handling is a gentle, collaborative method of animal care that emphasizes trust, communication, and positive reinforcement. Instead of resorting to force or punishment, cooperative handling invites your dog to participate willingly in their care, making it a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both you and your pet.

The Importance of Cooperative Handling

By embracing cooperative handling, you strengthen your bond with your dog, reduce their stress and anxiety during grooming and veterinary visits, and ensure their overall emotional well-being. This approach aligns with modern animal welfare standards and encourages your dog to develop positive behaviors, resulting in a happier, healthier pet.

Who Benefits from Cooperative Handling?

Our Cooperative Husbandry Course is designed to benefit both pet owners and their dogs. Dog owners will gain valuable skills and knowledge to create a positive, fear-free environment during care procedures, while dogs will enjoy a more comfortable and relaxed experience during grooming, handling, and veterinary check-ups. This course is ideal for first-time dog owners, experienced pet parents looking to enhance their skills, and professionals in the pet care industry.

Course Details

Our Cooperative Husbandry Course consists of 8 sessions, priced at 2500SGD. Each session covers essential techniques and strategies to help you master cooperative handling, including bucket games, consent checks, platform training, and pattern games. Under the guidance of our experienced instructors, you’ll discover the secrets to building a lasting and fulfilling bond with your canine companion.

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your relationship with your dog. Enroll in our Cooperative Husbandry Course today and embark on a journey towards a deeper connection and improved well-being for your cherished pet.