Commitment to safety

  1. Certified behavior consultants
    At The Positive Academy, our handlers are not simply handlers but full fledged US certified behavior consultants from Karen Pryor Academy, The Academy for Dog Trainers or from other full canine behavior academy. Armed with more than just a passion for the work, our trainers know exactly what makes a good experience for your dog in the safest and most encouraging fashion.
  2. Safety Experts
    Our office is located within close proximity to 3 veterinary clinics, housed 3 certified canine behaviorist – together, this school helps ensure the highest level of safety in all of our programs
  3. Extensive evaluation process
    Dogs dont get admitted into school without going through a rigorous process of history check, vaccination confirmation, review of health, nose to tail assessment and an active evaluation of the dog’s compatibility with other dogs in our open-play environment
  4. Proper group assignment
    Dogs in our school are separated based on temperament, personality and compatibility.
  5. Dog-safe cleaning products
    Our facility is cleaned and sanitized daily using medical grade disinfectant and baby/dog-safe cleaning products. Rest assured they have the cleanest environment to work in.
  6. Rubberized Sports Flooring
    This special, compressed flooring is imported directly from Japan which will help provide additional tractions for during play moments, to prevent slip and fall, and the sport cushion beneath will aid in long-term joint health of your dog
  7. Multiple purifers
    we keep our air fresh with multiple purifers employed all around our school area, keeping the air fresh and clean
  8. Our dedication to using non-aversive methods
    There are no room for coercion or punishment in our school. Every step we take will be functionally assessed to ensure it will be the most rewarding approach in guiding them to the desired behaviors we hope to teach them.