Basic Manners Class


When dogs go through adolescence, it can be a daunting challenging for owners and some owners can be caught off guard. Alterations in released chemicals during adolescence results in a change in attitude and behavior of a dog, of which some owners will face difficulty handling.

This class is to reinforce or cultivate good behaviors within the dog to better equip owners with a good level of control of the dogs.

Who should sign up for this

  1. Dogs from the age of 6 months and above with no basic obedience
  2. Owners who are in need of a refresher course


  • Recall (come when called)
  • Leave it
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Eye Contact
  • Loose leash walking
  • Heeling
  • Go to mat
  • Wait

Life skills

  • Impulse control
  • Active attention
  • Controlling over excitement
  • Human greetings
  • Dog to dog greetings
  • How to use life reward
  • Understanding barking
  • Independence training
  • Grooming, Handling and Restraint
  • Resource guarding prevention (like things being taken away from them)
  • How to target fear
  • Understanding what’s play and bullying
  • Understanding canine body language
  • Play biting
  • Counter surfing prevention
  • Anti-jumping
  • Chewing

Class information

  • 6 classes
  • 1 hour each
  • Held in an Air-conditioned indoor environment

If you’re unsure if your dog belongs in this category, please Contact us, we’ll be happy to direct you in the proper direction to best help you.