Agility outing

Welcome to The Positive Academy’s very first Agility Outing, where we provide thrilling and fun agility outings for small groups of dogs! Our program is designed to give your furry friend a unique and stimulating experience, while also improving their agility skills and building their confidence.

Our agility outings consist of a small group of up to four dogs per outing, which ensures that each dog receives personalized attention and care from our experienced agility trainer. Our program is perfect for dogs who love a challenge and are eager to learn new skills.

Our trainer will work with each dog to teach them the techniques and skills required for agility, including jumps, tunnels, weave poles, and other obstacles. We use positive reinforcement training methods to help your furry friend learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment.

At The Positive Academy, we believe that every dog deserves the opportunity to develop their agility skills, while also enjoying a fun and exciting outing with their furry friends. Our program is the perfect fit for dogs who love to run, jump, and explore, while also improving their physical fitness and mental acuity.

Our agility outings are carefully designed to provide your furry friend with the ultimate experience. Whether we’re practicing on our agility course, working on individual skills, or simply enjoying a fun day out, we’ll ensure that your furry friend is safe, happy, and having the time of their life.

Join us at our Agility Outing and experience the thrill of watching your furry friend explore and develop their agility skills in a supportive and positive environment. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend!

Please contact me at 96513063 with the following information
1. Experience with agility?
2. Who have to trained with?
3. Breed and age of your dog?
4. Any preexisting medical issues? Please sought clearance from the vet and provide a letter of good health by the vet.

Reply to the broadcast with the following information
1. Which day and time of the agility slots you’re attending
2. What skills you’d like to work on?
3. Make full payment to confirm your slot

Where are the training held at?

I will be holding them primarily at Ulu pandan. In event of bad weather, or predicted bad weather, the class will be held at an indoor facility over at punggol.

Can i attend the training with you?

Yes you can. Agility outing is the only outing that i allow owners to attend. However, you’ll have to find your own transport to the location if you were to attend.

What updates will i receive from this outing?

I will provide you a framework whereby what skills i will be working on, and you’ll have a visual on what to expect for the future sessions. You will also receive full training footage of your dog. The footages will be unedited.

Why is my dog not doing anything other than playing with you?

Agility is a sports that rely heavily on bonding, and a strong motivation to work for the handler. As such, the first few sessions will be exposing your dog to the new training ground, and engage them actively before starting on agility. In event your dog is already highly motivated and fully engaged, i will continue with the training plan for him.

Can i use this program just to build on the bond and focus of my dog?

Yes you can. Agility is an enrichment and team-building exercise that excels in building strong focus. I highly recommend this program if your dog struggles to focus in outdoor program.

Do i need to provide food for my dog?

Yes, i highly recommend that, and also for your dog to skip their meals prior to the practice. Secondly, i advise providing highly valuable food like cooked beef etc for the practice as it requires your dog to be highly motivated for the outing. In event your dog fails to eat or play, the outing will come to end so its best you ensure you have the right value for your dog.

How are the dogs trained?

For agility, i do not believe in using force nor leash to compel them into doing the sports. They must be willing participants so i will not accommodate to any requests that requires me to force the dogs to go through jumps etc. If the dogs are not willing to participate in the exercise, they will be out of the program.

How many practices will my dog get in one session of outing?

The practice time will be spilt into 4 dogs, which each of them getting a 15minutes practice time in total. The 15 minutes is further broke down into 5 minutes. Reason for this is to keep the dogs wanting more. Practicing for long duration at such high intensity can be really challenging, especially for newbies. As such the sessions are broke down into small sessions to ensure they are not burnt out. The dogs will be crated while waiting for their turn to ensure safety.