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We train dogs by a method best described as ‘force-free’ training, which is scientifically proven and ethical. This implies that we will never subject a dog to any form of intimidation, fear, pain or coercion during training. This is as it is not at all necessary and conversely, results in the formation of severe negative association, which can prove detrimental to the end result of training.

We understand that there are many forms of training, available through different platforms – trainers, media or from the Internet. However, some of these methods are highly debatable simply due to the sheer extent of danger and risks that it poses to owners.



Reward-Based Training

Our training revolves around the manipulation of rewards. We utilise reward in various forms – food, play, praise, and opportunity – to encourage and award the display of positive behaviour. The concept behind this is simple – If you wouldn’t work for free, why would they? The presence of a reward incentive is crucial in endorsing an increase in frequency of desired behaviour and in combination with progressive proofing; we would then have a new behaviour in a dog’s natural repertoire.

This reward-based training style is also individually tailored to every dog, as we believe in communicating and interacting with dogs at a common level of understanding. Synonymous to childhood education, providing an optimum-learning environment that consists of a proper proofing of 

area, the provision of a good routine, supplemented with early prevention programs and proper education, is the key to a good dog. The only difference is that we don’t speak their language.

We have personally seen the effect of consistent positive reinforcement come to fruition in many of the dogs that have come through us. This fuels our passion and dedication in aiding dogs and their owners easily integrate to become a responsible member of the community. 

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Our Trainer

Wee Boon is the chief trainer behind The Positive Academy. He is currently enrolled in The Academy for Dog Trainers, otherwise known as the Harvard For Dog Trainers, and is mentored by the famous Jean Donaldson, one of the top dog trainers in the USA. She also authored the best seller ‘The Culture Clash”, which is the number one best selling training book in the USA. A founding member of the Singapore chapter of the Pet Professional Guild, an international force-free association for pet professionals, Wee Boon constantly strives to update himself on the science behind modern dog training. He embarked on his training career after experience first-hand the transformational power of science-based, positive reinforcement training, especially for issues with fear & reactivity.

An avid agility competitor with his dog precious, Wee Boon has won numerous competition and attained couple of titles under his belt. In his free time, he explores tricks and other dog performance training.


Accreditation & Education

  • Enrolled in The Academy For Dog Trainers
  • Founding member of Pet Professional Guild Singapore
  • Canine First Responder
  • Member of Agility Nation by Susan Garrett
  • Attended Susan Garrett Year Long Handling Workshop
  • Member of Association for Professional Dog Trainers
  • Avid Agility Competitor
  • Qualified for World Agility Open Championship 2016
  • Scarlet 's first few weeks were disastrous. I was even considering re-adoption. Before giving up, I seeked help from Positive academy and Wee Boon promptly replied. Thanks to him, Scarlet improved over time. I learnt ways to monitor her, as well as watching out for behavioral changes. I would say that Scarlet and I were very fortunate to meet a trainer like Wee Boon. I strongly recommend Positive Academy to pet owners who are having trouble with handling a dog, as well as understanding a dog’s behavior. Pet owners whom are on the verge of giving up, don’t fret. Try giving Wee boon a call and give yourself and your dog a second chance. It’s worth it. With regards, Ryan Ong
    ScarletScarletPuppy Class Graduate
  • It was a great learning experience that you have provided for our Fluffy and myself. Your training methods are very clear, detailed and effective. You are very observant and able to provide immediate solution/advice when the method does not work on us. We will definitely recommend your service to our friends. With regards, Wilson Lim
    FluffyFluffyPuppy Class Graduate
  • Before having our toy poodle, I had been searching a lot on the internet on "how to train my dog". Our dog, Koharu, was 2 months old when she joined our family. This is my first time owning a dog and I wasn't sure if I was using the right training methods. The method which Positive Academy uses is dog friendly and it works! I wouldn’t have been able to train Koharu with only knowledge from the Internet. I am happy that I took a puppy class at Positive Academy ! With regards, Junko Suganuma
    KoharuKoharuPuppy Class Graduate
  • Benji gets reactive and would explode (bark non-stop) when he sees strangers during walks. After engaging Wee Boon, the chief trainer of The Positive Academy, Benji’s “explosion” has decrease tremendously when out on walks, however, it is still a working progress due to the speed of the humans’ walking towards us. But at least, I am able to narrow down the trigger point and control the situation. This improvement has made me more confident in walking Benji and love bringing him out on walks more often. With regards, Vanessa Yeo
    BenjiBenjiPuppy Class Graduate
  • As a first time dog owner, I would like to thank you for your patience in guiding me how to train Milky and the willingness to provide add hoc advice via Whatapp on any enquiry or issues we might encountered on Milky. Your genuine love and dedication to promote the positive training to our beloved dog has earned our trust. We are looking forward to bring Milky for more advanced training after I obtained my driving license. I am getting there and looking forward to attend more training from you. With regards, Sally Chan
    MilkyMilkyPuppy Class Graduate
  • Wee Boon was methodical in his teaching process and provided valued notes for after-class reference. To make Toffy socialise better and help her to overcome her reactivity, Toffy was guided to play with compatible puppies in order to learn dog social skills. As a trainer, Wee Boon exceeds in his ability to take a reward based approach. He was generous with his treats, treat bag, clicker and even provided bullysticks. The generosity extended beyond class where beach outing were organised too. Always willing to share his training beyond the class, he continued his support and became a friend to the owners for post class support via WhatsApp chat group. Always available to help us and provide valuable solutions. I highly recommend Wee Boon for his puppy class or private lessons. Wee Boon - Toffy gives you a paws up for being a friend ! With regards, Ong Eng Heok
    ToffyToffyPuppy Class Graduate
  • Walks with Muffin are now a lot less stressful. He used to bark and lunges towards other dogs, pulling frantically on leash and whine out loud if he can't get close to what he wants. But now he is able to wait in a sit before he goes ahead to greet his buddies. His fear of bikes has improved drastically as well; he used to bark and lunge at every single bike that passed us. Now, i can walk with much ease in parks where it used to be a nightmare for us. Thank you Wee Boon for your help and patience ! With regards, Joyce Ngiam
    MuffinMuffinBehaviour Modification Graduate

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